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Locks: Fresh New Sara Niemietz Single from Upcoming Superman Album

Sara Niemietz with guitar. Photo credit:

I describe the new single “Locks” by Sara Niemietz as hot, hip and happening indie rock. The song is now available for purchase and is the first track from an upcoming October 2022 Niemietz album release called “Superman.”

The “Locks” single and the remaining 13 other tracks from the new “Superman” LP are a collaboration between Sara Niemietz and her musical partner Linda Taylor.  This dynamic duo merged their musical talents together over the past two years: Niemietz-Taylor are co-producers for “Superman” and co-wrote every song on their collaborative project.

Niemietz is a singer-songwriter, musician, actor and member of PostModern Jukebox, who has recorded 3 albums during her career.  Taylor is a superb guitarist, composer, music producer and plays guitar on ABC TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”  Together, the Niemietz-Taylor team creates musical magic!

Sara Niemietz and Linda Taylor before a Smith Center concert in Las Vegas, Nevada May 2022.

With the production of “Locks” and “Superman” by Niemietz-Taylor, the duo employed session musicians for their recordings. Personnel on all 14 songs include:

  • Sara Niemietz – vocals
  • Linda Taylor – guitars
  • Léo Costa – drums
  • Ed Roth – keyboards
  • Daniel Pearson – bass

Here are my thoughts about the new Niemietz-Taylor single.   When I heard “Locks” for the first time, I responded back to Sara and Linda via email with the following reply: “The track is a good choice for a first single. It is a catchy, up-tempo groove.  Excellent interplay with the drum, guitar and bass. I love the special effects with the switching of tune tempo. Outstanding vocals and harmonies. A Superb production. Pleasing to my ear.”

What does the co-producer team of Niemietz-Taylor have to say about their new single?  I asked Sara and Linda about “Locks” and they answered my inquiry from two different continents.

Sara Niemietz and Linda Taylor in studio during the “Superman” album recording sessions. Early 2022.

Taylor’s answer came to me from her Los Angeles, California home, submitting a quote from an official press release on “Locks” and the “Superman” album: “The bluesy “Locks” captures the bittersweet side of getting through life challenges. Here, Sara’s rich and sultry vocals imbue the song with a sense of burnished hope befitting the lyrics. One choice passage reads: “Who’s that looking out from the mirror/A little bit leaner, meaner/She figured it out/Can’t believe what I see/It’s almost hard to believe/This other side of the street I’m standing on.”

Album art for new Sara Niemietz single “Locks.”

My question for Niemietz: “Why did she and Taylor choose “Locks” as the first single to be released?  Sara replied via email, on a bus somewhere in Austria, as she was touring with PostModern Jukebox last month: “We have new versions of some previously released songs on “Superman” but “Locks” was the first idea specifically for the album. It went through several re-writes and re-records before we found its heart. In fairness, it got a little beat up, but we weren’t willing to let it go. Now we find it just feels like the start, the start of the setlist, the start of the album, the opening chapter, it sets everything in motion and the obvious first single.”

“Super” Sara in costume.

Link for purchasing “Locks” single:

Sara’s official website:

Linda’s official website:

 As I mentioned above, “Locks” and all the songs on “Superman” were written and produced by Niemietz-Taylor.   The album will feature five new studio versions of previously released singles of the past two years: “Come to Me”, “Superman”, “Lovely Lies”, “The Dimming”, and “GOODX3.” From these five existing songs, the last two have already become fan favorites for those who follow the Niemietz-Taylor musical pair.

A second single from “Superman” called “I Want You” was released on September 23.

Considering that Niemietz has recorded three excellent albums during her career, “Superman” promises to be a musical delight.  The collaborative Niemietz-Taylor album is now available for pre-ordering from Bandwear. Link to purchase album is below:

Album art for Sara Niemietz “Superman” album.

For anyone searching for new music to purchase this summer, look no further than “Locks” and the upcoming “Superman” album from Sara Niemietz and Linda Taylor.  I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  Rock on!

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