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Adele Marie Music: “No, I’m Not Done”

Adele Marie, "What it Was About You"

“What it Was About You” album artwork. Art credit: Adele Marie

As the title of my blog indicates, I will be writing about various musical topics within my local sphere of interest here in Virginia as well as giving my perspective on the historical aspects of popular music. I will also be giving out information and critiquing musical concerts that I attend from time to time. Hang on to your hats and welcome to my ride.

For my first blog of 2018, I am featuring Virginia artist Adele Marie. I want to say right up front that Virginia’s Adele Marie is not to be confused with the British singer-songwriter Adele who is known for hits like “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone Like You” and “Hello.”

Adele Marie spent her high school years in Roanoke, Virginia before heading off to college. She attended Shenandoah Conservatory of Music and then received a Bachelor of music degree at Radford University with a concentration in music therapy, classical guitar and voice. Currently Adele Marie is residing in Alexandria, Virginia.

Last Christmas, Adele Marie released a ten song album “What It Was About You.” The album features 10 songs and is available for streaming or purchase online.

I am going to be focusing on one of Adele Marie’s newest songs, “No, I’m Not Done” for the rest of this blog as I viewed a video of her tune that she released on YouTube last weekend.

After I viewed this video, I asked Adele Marie about her lyrics and the message of her new song. She replied, “This song is about letting someone go, but still feeling deeply emotional about that person. It also resonates with the challenges of being a highly sensitive and empathetic person in a relationship.”

Obviously, the message of “No, I’m Not Done” resonates with anyone having gone through a similar situation in a relationship. Another positive aspect of Adele Marie’s song is the music and vocals with her new tune.

When viewing the video, I love that fact that Adele Marie starts off playing an electric guitar and then accompanies herself by playing the keyboard. The tune has a new age/folk quiet groove that produces an almost magical, dreamy flow. Adele Marie’s vocals bring forth emotions of both angst and reluctance with an almost hypnotic, yet soothing appeal.

The other aspect that I like about the video is the swirling visuals behind Adele Marie that gives the film clip a psychedelic feel. Plus the double box feature on the video also is visually pleasing to the eye.


Art credit: Adele Marie

I hope you will check out Adele Marie’s music after reading about her and listening to her music either here on my blog and/or via the Internet. As I wrap up my first blog, I hope you liked my musical musing on Adele Marie. Please feel free to share your thoughts on my blog and any comments on my featured artist and her music.


Until my next post: Rock on!