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Josey Lackey & Tim Lowe: Virginian Artists on the Rise

Josey Lackey with guitar.

It was a perfect sunny October afternoon in Botetourt County, Virginia when I met Virginian recording artist Josey Lackey for the first time. I had the pleasure of attending one of her concerts at Blue Ridge Vineyard that afternoon. I also got to hear Tim Lowe, another musical artist, who opened up for Josey at the concert venue.

Highlighting new and promising Virginian artists is one of the goals I have writing this blog and I am glad to share on these two budding artists.

I first learned of Joesy ‘s music while communicating with her step-grandmother Cheryl Miller Lackey. She is a regular reader of my blog and knew that I feature Virginian artists like Caroline Weinroth/Cinema Hearts and Adele Marie on a regular basis. Cheryl also enjoyed reading about legendary Roanoke band the Kings and suggested that I feature Josey in one of my future blog messages.

So I agreed to Cheryl’s suggestion of attending one of Josey’s concerts. Since I had not ever heard Josey sing before, I didn’t know what to expect when I attended her concert during the first Sunday in October. After listening to the first couple songs at Josey’s show, I can tell you: She did not disappoint. Josey’s performance was engaging and refreshing.

Josey Lackey: Photo by Jenna B Photography.

I met Josey 30 minutes before the start of her show and had the opportunity to interview the 17 year-old singer. Lackey is a senior at James River High School in Buchanan, Virginia and is the starting catcher for her varsity softball team. During the 2018 season, Josey was first all-district and all-conference with her catching skills.

In addition to her softball activities, Josey is taking classes this fall to become an ENT. She also has a goal to study nursing at either Radford University or James Madison University after her graduation from high school in 2019.

Obviously, music is Josey’s passion and she has been furthering her music career during the past two years. She just released her first album, “Made in Virginia,” this past August. Lackey maintains a limited concert schedule on weekends during the school year.

Another young musical talent that I met at Josey’s concert was Virginian singer-songwriter Tim Lowe. It was an unexpected pleasure to speak with Tim and to hear his music as he performed an eight-song music set prior to Josey taking the stage.

Tim Lowe

Tim is a 2017 graduate of James River High School in Buchanan, Virginia and uses social media sites like Instagram and YouTube to promote his new music projects.

Tim released his first single, “Wildfire Season,” in September and in October he debuted the instrumental song “Coloring,” which features Tim playing every instrument on the tune. Later on this month, he has scheduled the release of another song called, “Virginia Summers.”

For Tim’s eight-song set, he mixed self-penned songs and cover versions of pop and rock tunes. One of the highlights for me was Lowe’s performance of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The other song on Tim’s set that stood out to me was Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.” Before he sang the song, Tim gave a shout out to his girlfriend Hope McCormick, who was in the audience. Lowe announced that Hope had purchased tickets for his birthday to see Bob Dylan’s Roanoke concert on November 10th.

After a short break, Josey came on stage to perform two sets for the afternoon. My best description of her music is a pop/country mix. Josey’s vocals are polished for a young singer and she has a smooth, modern country feel to her voice.

During Josey’s concert, she accompanied herself with a guitar and performed some well-crafted songs. She sang many self-written songs along with a few cover versions from Simon & Garfunkel, Guns ‘N Roses and Bob Dylan.

“Take Me To Georgia” was one of the original songs performed at the concert. Josey shared this with me before the show, explaining why the song is meaningful to her:

“The first song that I ever played in front of anyone was ‘Take Me to Georgia.’ I was with my aunt and uncle in Peachtree City, GA. We decided to eat dinner at their golf resort right down the road. My aunt, Deb, went over to the man playing music on the patio and asked him if I could play one of my original songs. I had no clue, and it was TERRIFYING! He ended up calling me up there, and everyone loved the song! It was so thrilling, and that’s when I knew that I wanted to play as much as I could. I really have my aunt to thank for helping me overcome that fear of sharing my music with people.”

Josey Lackey performing at Blue Ridge Vineyard.

A second song that Lackey performed was, “Daddy’s Song,” a song that she wrote as a tribute to her father. Here are Josey’s thoughts on this tune:

“‘Daddy’s Song’ is another one of my favorites. I wrote it for my dad about two Father’s Days ago. I recorded and put it on a CD for him, and he cried like a baby!”

A third highlight of the concert was the song “Girl’s Night” and Josey revealed to me about how this song came to be written:

“’Girl’s Night’ was inspired by my best friend, Evie, and I. We’ve been close since we were little, and I loved being able to compose a song about that bond.”

Josey Lackey at Blue Ridge Vineyard concert, October 7, 2018.

For anyone interested in Josey’s music and purchasing her CD “Made in Virginia,” you can access her Facebook page here.

Tim Lowe is also available on social media. Click here to view his Instagram.

After the concert ended, I asked Lackey to send me some information on her career and what music means in her life. Here is what Josey shared with me:

Josey Lackey: Photo by Jenna B Photography.

“I’ve always been so thankful for the blessings upon blessings that music has given me. It has truly made the hard times seem like a breeze, and the great times even better! People will ask me, ‘When did you start singing?’ and I really can’t give an answer to that. A better question would be, ‘Have you ever stopped?’ because I really can’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing.”

“Picking up a guitar and writing my own music has been the best therapy for me during my high school years, and I know it’ll continue to help me wherever I go in life. That is what makes me so incredibly thankful for music. Wherever you go, it’ll follow you. You can never escape it, and I don’t think I’ll ever want to. From singing with my grandmother as a baby to being a little rebellious and getting a guitar tattooed on my ankle. music has and always will be a part of who I am. “

I was thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the concert of Josey Lackey and Tim Lowe last month at Blue Ridge Vineyard. As Josey expressed to me: “I am so happy to be able to write music freely and have it as a stress-reliever.” It is a good thing to hear new songs from emerging Virginian music artists. Here is hoping that I will get to hear much more new music in the future from Josey and Tim.

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One thought on “Josey Lackey & Tim Lowe: Virginian Artists on the Rise

  1. David Hardie says:

    What an engaging young lady. I wish her much success in her career as a musician and a nurse. Both Radford and JMU have excellent nursing schools.

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